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The Laboratory was the first in the Nation to establish a Bone Bank where amputated limbs were stored and frozen and later used in transplants.


A two-story addition and basement addition in the amount of $200,000 would make the laboratory one of the largest privately owned institutions of its type in the United States. The additions would make room for a sterilization room, an animal room and a research chemical department.


South Bend Medical Foundation joined efforts with local students at St. Mary's College to offer a new program with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology.

A record 475 autopsies were performed during 1956 and over 40,000 blood tests were processed.


It was reported in the paper on February 15th, that Alfred S. Giordano had died. At the age of 65, he had passed away in his Sarasota, Florida winter home. He had been internationally recognized for the efforts he had made to medicine and had served as a Clinical Pathologist, Serologist and Director of the South Bend Medical Foundation. He had died of a heart ailment in his sleep. Giordano had resigned his position as Director in 1952.