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New surroundings became reality as Elkhart laboratory moved into new, larger quarters.


The new outpatient laboratory site and blood donor center opened at 4101 Edison Lakes Parkway, Suite 140.

A pneumatic tube system from South Bend Medical Foundation to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center allowed tubes of blood and laboratory tests to swish through the system which was placed 35 feet underground and even under the St. Joseph River was completed in October. The system was a total of 4500 feet long and allowed the tubes to travel the distance between the facilities in a rapid four minutes.

South Bend Medical Foundation joined efforts in a pilot program for Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN) a program that would provide a community wide healthcare information system that would encourage and support shared technology in a healthcare environment.


The Foundation became the second laboratory in the United States to install the Clinical Laboratory Automation System (CLAS) of robotics that allows for enhanced specimen processing, expanded test capabilities, and improved turn-around times.