About Us

The Medical Foundation's more than 700 employees provide a wide range of top-quality, cost-effective health care services for communities in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. By working together with local health care providers, The Medical Foundation preserves the critical relationship between laboratory, physician and patient.

Unlike many large commercial laboratories, The Medical Foundation offers its services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Foundation personnel are dedicated to being a trusted physician resource, handling everything from routine outpatient orders to providing inpatient services at hospital and other health care facilities throughout the region.

The Medical Foundation's commitment to delivering consistent, reliable, quality medical care has played an instrumental role in helping the Foundation achieve its position of leadership among the nation's diagnostic laboratories.

Who We Are Today

The Foundation exists for the purpose of providing quality and cost effective laboratory and blood banking services to hospitals, physicians, and patients. To fulfill our mission we shall:

  • Provide the hospitals we service with the highest quality laboratory resources and - taking into account that length of stay is crucial for inpatient care - with the shortest response time while achieving a high degree of cost effectiveness.
  • Provide our physician customers with the highest quality laboratory results utilizing the latest technology and making available to them readily accessible consultative opportunities in the medical and administrative aspects of their practices.
  • Create and maintain a work environment where employees can grow personally and professionally with compensation and benefit systems that are competitive, equitable and cost effective as well as an environment where employees are provided stable employment and each individual is treated with respect and dignity.
  • Provide to the patient population in the communities we serve readily accessible, reasonably priced laboratory services, with as wide a scope and variety as possible to meet all their needs locally.
  • Recognizing our social responsibilities to the community, provide services within our means to those less fortunate, and support public and private efforts directed to improve our health care environment.